Black Copper Marans Chicks (Day Old, Straight Run)

Black Copper Marans Chicks (Day Old, Straight Run)


The Magnolia Hen House is now accepting orders for the 2021 spring season. We have opened up our website for preorders. Don’t hesitate to place your order. We typically have a 2-month waitlist once the season begins. Our products have to be marked as “In Stock” status for us to take orders. We will begin to ship out chicks and hatching eggs in March/April weather permitting. Hatching eggs will be available on a limited basis. Looking to add some nice dark chocolate brown eggs to your basket? We are excited to be able to offer you our new French Black Copper Marans. Our beautiful hens produce gorgeous dark chocolate brown FBCM eggs. They range from 6-8 on the Marans color chart. This breed has beautiful feathered legs. The shanks and feet should be slate or pink. Soles of the feet are white as is the skin of the bird. The Black Copper plumage must be red with no mahogany or yellow tones. The male should have a black breast with minimal spotting on his chest. Chicks are sold as straight run. Fertility is checked often and is excellent! We will begin shipping out hatching egg orders and filling local chick orders at the beginning of March. It will be safe for us to start shipping out chicks in April. We usually have a waitlist for both eggs and chicks. Feel free to inquire about availability and where your place in line will be before placing your order.

  • Shipping Information


    • 8 chicks minimum to ship. Yes, you can combine different breeds! We ship chicks Priority Mail Express 1-2 day delivery in a new box with everything they need.
    • Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. 
  • Warranty Policy


      • We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability but know that what we send you is the same quality we put in our own incubators!
      • We do warranty chicks for 48 hours after they arrive in your care. Should you have a loss, please contact us within that window.
  • Hatching Eggs and Day Old Chicks


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