Our Story

Welcome Y’all from Southern Georgia! We are the McCutchens and we own The Magnolia Hen House. We are a small Farmette /Homestead in Southern Georgia. We started our journey in 2018 after moving back to our family farm. We started with a few random chicken breeds to becoming full-blown in love with breeding chickens and heritage breeds. We currently breed Black Copper Marans, Olive Eggers, Bresse Chickens, Narragansett Turkeys and plan to expand our breeds in the next coming years to include German breeds that are dual-purpose, and also those beautiful rainbow eggs. We are planning on becoming a self-sustaining and regenerative homestead by the time my husband Joseph retires in 8+ years. I am looking forward to introducing everyone to our poultry farmette and taking you along on our homesteading journey.

How did we get here?

Before we moved back home in 2018 to our family farm in Georgia we lived in the city and had always talked about moving back and living “off the grid.” It was never really a reality for us until we were given the option to return home to be closer to my Mom. After returning home, the first thing I did was order baby chicks, and then even more chicks, we all know how chicken math goes! Thus, began my love of chickens. It wasn’t till I received my first black copper Marans and she laid her first dark chocolate egg that I realized just how much I loved getting those eggs. She was also a lot more sociable than the rest of my mixed flock. I quickly started researching black copper Marans and their history, traits, and breeders. The next following year, I devoted myself to hatching and breeding only the best. I never dreamed of becoming a breeder. It was just strictly for me. My Mom passed away in 2020 and the only thing that helped me pass my time were my chickens. I started breeding more, becoming even more selective on traits, standards of perfection, and temperament in my chickens. I started getting emails and messages from friends, family, and neighbors about wanting to buy my chickens. I played around with the idea in my head of breeding my chickens for the public, but I didn’t want the hobby that I loved becoming a “job.” After much thought and consideration, I decided that I loved breeding and educating our friends and family on the Marans so why wouldn’t I want to expand educating and selling to the public. I started building our website and marketing the farm and it exploded. I never dreamed that our little farmette would become what it is today. I am extremely grateful for that.

Our homestead

Before we moved home, my husband joked about “living off the grid.” We used to watch the shows Life Below Zero, Homestead rescue, and EVERYONE remembers Alaskan Bush People, “Meet the Browns” and “Browntown.” We are far from “Browntown”, but we are striving to become more self-sufficient. We really started ramping up our efforts at the beginning of 2020 when COVID came out. We started planning our gardens more and planning on adding meat birds to the farm along with goats. We also started to research canning and preserving the harvest. I am really excited about researching more and helping everyone else to become self-sufficient. We are also going to be adding regenerative agriculture practices to the farm. We are not experts by any means, but I hope that while we are learning we can also help others in the process.

So here we are, The Magnolia Hen House.

I hope that Y’all have hung around this long to find out who we are and what we have to offer. I am excited about our journey and the opening of The Magnolia Hen House, and our farmette. I can’t wait for us to begin this journey together and I can’t wait to meet everyone with the same goals and interests as us. We will be adding blog post once a week about The Magnolia Hen House, our homestead, and weekly projects we have going on. We are always considered “Open Online” and I am always here to help you with any questions you may have about breeding, hatching, and raising chickens. I will also be happy to answer any question you may have about our products. Just shoot us an email or chat on our website. We are glad you’re here and WELCOME to The Magnolia Hen House.